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Meet the Team – Introducing Dr Jay Tanna

Meet the Team – Introducing Dr Jay Tanna

Jay works in London & Essex, and has worked in multiple practices across Together Dental since joining in 2014.

Jay spent his childhood in Mumbai, and dreamed about living and working as a dentist. His father was a businessman and asked Jay if he wanted to join the family business. This made Jay realise that he didn’t want to work in business and that he really did want a medical related career. Both Jay and his sister were encouraged by their family to do what they were most passionate about.

Jay’s sister is an occupational therapist and Jay pursued his training with a Master’s degree in dental public health at Sheffield and at the same time studied for his Overseas Registration Examination (ORE), successfully passing both. Education was an extremely busy time for Jay studying for a masters, other additional exams and working in a Wimbledon-based pharmaceutical company at the same time to finance his studies.

When Jay applied to Together Dental for his first job he jumped at the chance to be trained up by the team. He says; “Together Dental was quite a small when I first joined and with their guidance I have grown and seen the business grow too. Throughout my time at Together Dental I have received an unprecedented amount of training as a junior dentist and in maintaining my knowledge.  I have worked in lots of different practices in different regions, meeting new people.

“Together Dental have taken very good care of me and I am very loyal. It’s a good place to work, we work hard work but with lots of rewards.”

“As a group Together Dental were brilliant in sorting out the visas that I needed, and ensuring that I fulfilled all legal obligations in terms of working in the UK. They like the way I work, and I like their training and the way that they treated me. I am now UK citizen.”

“I gained quite a bit of experience in a short amount of time. The business is set up to share resources and knowledge. The team is so broad. If I have an issue with a patient I will pick up the phone to Mayur Pandya [Clinical Director]. In complex cases there is always someone to go to. I am never alone. We share best practice, and ask for advice with other dentists within the group. We ask for second opinions. I now guide younger dentists and give them a second opinion.”

“The best thing about the group is the support I receive. You never feel like you are dealing with anything on your own. I see Sanjay Shah at least once a week. If I call him, he answers, they take of me as a dentist and we take care of the patients.”

“My wife and I recently had a baby girl. Both Sanjay and Mayur encourage us to have a good work and life balance and encourage is take time to look after our families.”

“My favourite treatments are Invisalign, although I love root canal! I do a lot of cosmetic work including bonding, and teeth whitening but I really love the challenge of root canal. We do many courses and all of them are excellent, although the webinars put on by Together Dental during the first lockdown were amazing.”

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