Restore teeth in a day

Our one-off specialist treatment has been developed to handle the trauma of losing your teeth and get you back to normal, able to eat, function and talk to people – all within a day. 

Traditional dental implant treatment requires a healing period, which means you would usually be fitted with a temporary denture, prolonging your discomfort and limited function. With Teeth in a Day, there are no dentures, you will have teeth fitted, in just one day!

Our team will assess you and do a thorough check to make sure that you are suitable for our Teeth In A Day treatment. If you are not suitable, because of underlying reasons, then we can help you by giving you more appropriate implant assisted treatments that are worth the wait.

How we can help

We want to ensure that we help you get back the quality of life you deserve. Implant assisted dentures are a great alternative to fixed teeth. With the help of attachments called Locators®, dentures can click onto 2-4 dental implants and be held securely in place, a bit like press-studs.

If you are worried about loose dentures letting you down or want an alternative to dentures. If you have loose teeth or teeth falling out and you want rock solid permanent teeth again then please speak to our team because you don’t have to worry, we can help you whatever situation you find yourself in. 

We have private and NHS options available to get you back in control and comfort. 

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